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Apparently R&B star Chris Brown isn’t the easiest person to live next to. Sources tell that Brown’s neighbors in his West Hollywood condo building are upset by all the noise and people coming from the singer’s residence. Brown reportedly has visitors stopping by his place at all hours of the day, and is “totally disrespectful” to other residents in the building. One insider remarks, quote, “The tenants are complaining about him and the noise he’s generating, they’ve even had to give him at least one warning.” Despite all the alleged complaints, a representative from LA Luxury Estates says Brown has been “very kind” and an “absolute pleasure to work with.” Brown moved into his West Hollywood residence earlier this year. News of Chris Brown’s alleged shortcomings as a neighbor comes just days after the singer reportedly broke a window in his dressing room at ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Brown was a guest on the show last Tuesday, and became upset when anchor Robin Roberts asked him about assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009.