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Hell yeah they are!  When we were younger friendships were easy to develop.  You could walk right up to someone and say “Wanna be my friend?” The next thing ya know you are both riding bikes together and dressing alike! But as we get older it seems harder to find “good” friendships. It’s understandable. We now have work, school, families, spouses, etc. We have to REALLY make an effort to nurture our relationships.

One thing I do know… good friendships at this age become more valuable.  Your friends are the people who you can trust with your deepest secrets, those who help you through a tough time, they want nothing else but to see you happy and they love you UNCONDITIONALLY.

My best friend is Tameka.  She lives far away.  We don’t get to talk that often but she has the title of my “BEST FRIEND” because she knows and understands me like no one else.  We have been friends since 8th grade and she has ALWAYS been there for me. I love her so much.

I have also developed strong friendships with other women over the past few years and I hope to have these ladies in my life until the end.  Some of these friendships came about through our shared experiences. Kyla and I were both pregnant at the same time.  We shared a bond not just through those rough 9 months but even after giving birth to our first children.

Some of my friendships developed through the work place.  Seeing someone everyday can cause you to become closer than family members!

Two of my most recent friendships also developed through a shared experience.  I have been asked several times about these relationships and could never understand why so many people are concerned with these two people who “I” have chosen as friends. These are two of the most beautiful, kind-hearted, sweetest, funniest, most “REAL” people that I have ever met. How did we become friends so quickly? I’ll use this as an example… Let’s say you lived in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina…during that time you were drowning in the water and two people helped to pull you out…not only were you most appreciative that they helped to save your life but after talking to them you realize that you share a lot in common. They also lost their home, lost family members, experienced the same trauma that you experienced. They become a support system. You may connect with those people in a way that no one else can. They are special. As time goes on you can’t even remember what brought you together and may only think about Hurricane Katrina once in a blue moon.

I have a strong connection to all of my friends.  I take my friendships seriously. I love my friends and can’t picture life without them.  It’s why I don’t call too many people “friends”.  I trust these people.  I can be honest with these people.  And God knows they have been honest with me! Even through hard times and “he say, she say” our friendships have endured.

I have never wondered why Ciara is friends with Kim Kardashian or why Rhianna is friends with Katy Perry. I don’t know them.  All that matters is that they have healthy and growing friendships.

Have you taken time to evaluation your friendships?