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More R&B singers are trying their hand at rapping, even Trey Songz told Soul Culture that when it comes to spitting, most emcees fall behind him.

Songz also spoke highly of music veteran Lauryn Hill’s emcee talent.

 “I don’t think no singer can rap better than me,” Songz said in an interview. “”I think I rap better than most rappers. Rapping is just fun for me — It’s a creative expression and it’s easy, it flows – it’s not something I’m trying to do, it’s not something I’m putting out for sales;  it’s just to show how much I love it. I actually think Lauryn (Hill) is the best who ever did it, actually incorporating the two. Just how conceptual she was and the thought process she had to go through to sounds that she made, that Miseducation [of Lauryn Hill] album was phenomenal. The mixture of the two, how they just mixed so cohesively like there were no steps missed.” (Soul Culture)

J. Cole also offered his take on hip-hop artists singing in August, 

“I think it’s dope. Why not? Who says Drake can’t sing if he wants to sing? Who said Chris Brown can’t rap if he wants to rap? It’s just adding another facet to your style. It’s just evolution man. The sad truth is, is some of our legends from the past came out now, people would think they were boring. You’ve just got to find a balance.” (VIBE)