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Maybach Music Group boss Rick Ross is in the news again after a paternity suit filed in Rozay’s home state of Florida alleges that the rapper is the father of a 3 year-old boy in Georgia. The Bawse quickly countered by saying he will take a DNA test to prove otherwise.

TMZ reports that 36-year old Tyrisha Childers filed the suit in the Florida Department of Revenue in Broward County recently, stating that Ross (born William Roberts) fathered a child with her and has yet to provide any child support for her son. Rozay filed a response shortly after, stating that he has never slept with Childers nor got her pregnant. Ross has offered to take a DNA test to prove he is free of any culpability. TMZ further reported that Childers’ financial state is dismal, claiming to only rake in $694 dollars per month in disability payments for an undisclosed reason. Allegedly Childers is flat broke and has no savings in her bank account.

Ross or Childers have not spoken publicly of the matter as of yet. Someone call Maury.