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Santigold goes virtually unknown in her Brooklyn neighborhood, but if you put her on a stage, someone is bound to remember her. After her 2008 debut and a Jay-Z feature, Santigold is gearing up for the release of her anticipated follow up, Master of My Make-Believe. The first offering from the sophomore disc is “Big Mouth.” The video shows Santi White’s wild and crazy personality while taking a few shots at Lady Gaga.

The visuals for “Big Mouth” feature retro computer graphics and wild colors. The Lady Gaga shot come when Santigold’s dancers’ faces are made up to look like the pop princess as they dance awkwardly. The second shot comes as  a cartoon mermaid resembling Gaga gets eaten by a big cat. Though these references are harmless, we’re sure someone is bound to be offended on Lady Gaga’s behalf.

Check the video out. How many shots at Lady Gaga can you spot? Should Gaga be offended? Sound off in the comments.


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