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A year ago today protestors descended on Zucotti Park in New York City to represent the “99 Percent” of Americans effected by the actions of the wealthy 1 %. It wasn’t totally clear what Occupy Wall Street hoped to achieve but one thing was evident–they were angry.

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For the next two months the citizens of Zucotti park enhanced their self-imposed exile by constructing a library, kitchen and clothing exchange as they sat in solidarity. Soon celebrities like Kanye West and Russell Simmons made appearances at the outdoor spectacle. While on the other side of the coin, others like Jay-Z  made t-shirts about it. But many of us didn’t quite understand it.

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About two months later New York’s Mayor Bloomberg ordered a reclamation of the part in a mid-November raid where hundreds of officers forcibly vacated Zuccotti Park, arresting about 200 people in the process.

What did we learn? Some of us still aren’t clear. So when spoke with rapper ANTHM, who worked on Wall Street as a investment banker after graduating from Duke University in 2007, we asked him what he thought of the whole situation.

“I really wanted to pursue music after school but it was a unique opportunity to help out at home,” he says of his decision to become an investment banker. “My mom was out of a job my whole senior year and I got a signing bonus so I couldn’t say no.”

So watch to see what a member of the 99 % who worked in the belly of the 1% had to say about the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

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