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Joe Budden is known as much if not more for his relationships than his actual music. Of course, this excludes fans of Slaughterhouse and “Pump It Up.” Anywho, since his relationship drama has played out so much in the public eye – on both the Internet and now the new season of Love & Hip Hop – it’s not surprising to see Joe speak on aspects of the lovey dovey.

Speaking to The YBF, Joe dismissed any speculation that he’s involved in a love triangle simply because he wants to have a friendship with his ex-girlfriend. In fact, Budden’s current girl is the same way with her ex. Why? Because they’ve got trust, y’all.

Was your girlfriend comfortable with you trying to reach out to Tahiry?

Hell yeah. Me and Tahiry have an extensive history, albeit in a different capacity, but there’s never anything wrong with wanting a friendship with somebody that you were once friends with. My girl is pretty secure, more than you see in women, as far as exes go. We’re both like that. She speaks to her ex-boyfriends and I could care less. You trust the person you’re with. You don’t trust anyone else but you trust the person you’re with because you’re supposed to.

L&HH is portraying you as being in a love triangle this season, were you aware of this before signing on?

I don’t know if I’m in a love triangle. It’s very simple for me. I have my girlfriend who I am with daily and who I am very much in love with. I have my ex girlfriend who I love dearly and I have a friend. Just a friend. No intimacy, no dick-pussy exchange, nothing.

He’s going to either have a VH1 dating show eventually, a relationship book, or both. No further comment.

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