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When Justin Bieber’s away, all his friends come out to play.

Lil Twist is at it again. The 20-year-old rapper, who was seen allegedly smoking a blunt with Bieber in January, reportedly threw a party at the singer’s Calabasas mansion. Also in attendance was a whole lot of marijuana, according to TMZ.

Not in attendance was Bieber himself, who had entrusted Twist and another friend with the mansion while he was in Europe. A source tells TMZ that more than 40 guests, mostly female, flooded into the house March 19 for the shindig.

TMZ’s source reportedly said she left Bieber’s mansion shortly before 2 a.m., with the music still going strong, beer flowing and the smells of weed wafting through the air.

Lil Twist and Bieber have quickly developed an illustrious history together. Just a few days before they were seen smoking pot (allegedly), Twist was pulled over for speeding while driving Bieber’s Ferrari. A paparazzo died while darting across the street to photograph the incident. A separate occasion found Twist driving Bieber’s Fisker into a pole near a liquor store, then fleeing.

This friendship must be tried and true, though, as it looks like Twist isn’t done having fun at Bieber’s expense — not that Bieber seems to mind.