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Gun violence has been the talk of the nation in 2013, and now another life has been brought into the array of tragedies.

Trayvon Dodd was honored at a little league game in his hometown of Greenville, North Carolina last Thursday after the 15- year-old was shot by his 12-year-old friend. The underage gunman has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

According to the DailyMail, the candlelight vigil at a Greenville County Little League Game paid tribute to both the teen and gun violence. The Put Down the Guns Young People organization organized the event and pleaded with parents and gun owners to keep their guns out of the hands of young people.

Trayvon’s grandmother, Colene Garcia, also spoke with reporters about the danger of guns and her slain grandson.

“It’s been heartbreaking, devastating.  We couldn’t believe someone would want to do that to him because of the child he was.  He was so humble and nice and sweet.  I don’t understand why a 12-year-old would have a gun.  I helped raised my grandson and we didn’t raise him around guns.  We wouldn’t even let him play with toy guns.”

The unnamed alleged suspect has been released to his parents. It is unknown how the 12-year-old got the gun.

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