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The Clippers are not up for sale…. yet, but after the historic banning of the Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the buyers are starting to line up.

Hip-hop’s biggest stars including Dr. Dre, Diddy, and Rick Ross have all expressed interest in purchasing the Los Angeles team. found Dr. Dre out at dinner last night and he expressed interest in making a bid for team. “I’m thinking about it … absolutely.” His fellow Forbes mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs also sees the Clippers as a good investment. “I will always be a Knicks fan, but I am a business man. #DiddyBuyTheClippers #NameYourPrice,” tweeted Puffy.

The bawse Rick Ross is also eyeing an addition to his growing portfolio, which currently includes a Wingstop fast-food franchise. “I’d be interested investing in @LAclippers !! Make It #WingstopArena @WingstopCEO Lets Goooo !!!” tweeted the MMG boss.

San Diego native Nick Cannon wants to bring the Clippers back to his hometown. “I think I’m about to buy The Clippers! Heard I can get them for the Low Low!” he tweeted. “Time to take The Clippers back to their original hometown. Diego Let’s Go!”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver wants to force a sale, but he must first have support from NBA team owners.