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Television is about to go into uncharted territory.  Lena Waith, the producer behind “Dear White People” and director Anthony Hemingway (“Red Tails”) have created a bold new series called “Bros Before Hos.”

Bros Before Hos” is a television pilot presentation about what it’s like to fall in love in this crazy world we live in now. The series is a semi-autobiographical comedy about three brothers, two straight, one gay, each dealing with modern-day issues in Los Angeles while trying to find love, but screwing shit up along the way. Bros stars Dijon Talton, Kevin Phillips, America “Tuffy” Questall, Dana Sorman, Nia Jervier and Kristopher Gordon.

In scene one, “The Bros,” we are introduced to the Grant brothers Kendall, Aiden and Marshall who are in a bar watching a basketball game and Kendall is surfing Tinder  to find man candy for his birthday party. We go from there to the “Divorced and Dating” scenario where Aiden is still sleeping with his ex-wife. Finally, Marshall is dealing with a full court press flirtation from his white friend, but insists that he wants to marry a Black woman. It’s all written with pointed humor using modern dating tools and realities as accents, not a crutch, instead dealing with the truth of human relationships in an honest way.

But why that title? The creators posted this explanation on their website:

Because we liked it and thought it was funny. At its heart, this is a family show about three brothers who will never let anyone – guy or girl – come in between their bond. No, we’re not calling women “hos,” but we thought this would be a catchy title to grab people’s attention. Now, if a network wants to make our little show, and feels we should change the title, then we’d be down to having that conversation. 

Well, we hope somebody picks this up because we need to see where this goes!

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