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Snoop Dogg might be one of the most popular proponents of marijuana in the United States, if not one of its biggest users, but even the most seasoned fans of cannabis might be taken aback by an interview with the artist (who now goes by the name Snoop Lion) where he implies he was smoking weed inside the White House.

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It’s important to note that weed isn’t legal in Washington D.C. but it has been decriminalized; this generally means that if you’re caught with a small amount you’ll only be fined.

So it might be shocking for some—unless you’re chillin’ under the influence—that an episode of Snoop’s online show “GGN: The Double G News Network” depicts his visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. as one where he might have smoked herb.

“Have you ever smoked in the White House?” Jimmy Kimmel asks him in a segment where he interviews Snoop.

“I said [to the CIA] ‘Look when I do a number two, I usually use a cigarette, or light something to get the aroma right’ and they told me, ‘Well, you know what, you can light a piece of napkin,’ and the napkin was this,” Snoop Dogg answered Kimmel as he lit up and smoked what looked like a joint.

Even though it’s unclear if this was a joke for entertainment purposes or a reality, it’s implied President Barack Obama wasn’t around when Snoop allegedly toked up. Snoop Dogg did visit the White House back in December, ahead of the Kennedy Center Honors.

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