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Just when the world seemingly forgot about Paul George and his horrific injury, he made himself very well know that he is alive and well. His thought process? Well that’s a different story. See the tweets below.


Obviously Twitter and the Pacers organization was not going to let that go unnoticed. So he had to delete and apologize.

Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 12.53.46 PM

Paul. Rest up and make sure you detox off of any meds before you hop on twitter. Athlete’s in the public eye are making themselves look real bad when speaking on this situation. My personal hope is that few more take the “I don’t want to speak on this issue” approach rather than saying how they feel. The people don’t the truth’s of some of the individuals speaking out and those individuals don’t want to lose their jobs and contracts over THEIR TRUTHS. So let’s just keep quiet, recover, train hard and impressing with your on field or on court abilities gentlemen. Please. Thanks.

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