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ILoThe newest voice on the radio experienced a surprise from an unknown man.

No reason has been given why OVO singer, ILOVEMAKONNEN was dragged down during a performance in New York City. By the way, it happened , on a Tuesday (October 21st).


A unknown a man in gray hoody walks to the front of the stage as ILOVEMAKONNEN sings his hit “Tuesday” and faked giving the artist some dap. However, this man dragged the singer down and got a couple of punches in before ILOVEMAKONNEN’s crew and security knew what happened. Watch the video below.

Props to dude who tried to dive on the assailant from the stage only to hit the floor and completely miss his target, who wasn’t even moving that fast. At least you tried homie. At least ILOVEMAKONNEN handled the sitch correctly by continuing with his performance. Now that’s a professional.