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Nick Beauregard

Rahiem Supreme. This is a name you want to remember if you don’t already know it. The hip-hop artist and visual director from Northwest Washington, D.C. has been on the scene now for four years. And although his roots are in D.C., he’s definitely recognized and loved outside of the District.

Rahiem has been featured on several national hip-hop publications, and even made Hot 97’s “Who’s Next.”

But to know Rahiem is to listen to his music. Four projects in, he’s stayed true to his sound without lacking progression and growth with each album he drops. He talks to us about the music, influences, and more in this interview.

The Urban Daily: What got you interested in music? 

Rahiem Supreme: My ex-girlfriend always told me I could do it when I used to play around and freestyle to her from time to time. So I just gave it a shot.

TUD: Who are your biggest influences? 

RS: I would say rap wise, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and Jay Z. Other than that it would be my father, rest in peace to him. Just knowing my father’s reputation alone, I wanted to be just like him.

TUD: What is it like being an artist from D.C.? 

RS: It’s pretty cool. I get a lot of love out of town and locally. People outside the city are still trying to figure out what D.C. brings to the table, so I love being the artist giving them a different viewpoint into D.C. culture.

TUD: What is the D.C. underground scene like? 

RS: The underground scene is kinda getting lit. We’re starting to have a lot of events that bring everyone together, and can soon cause this local bubble to burst.

TUD: What is your music about? 

RS: My music is about life. Basically real life experiences or what I’ve seen, and I feel others may be able to relate to. I want to serve as a separate voice for D.C., and tell a new story that people inside and outside this area hasn’t had a chance to hear yet.

TUD: What is your favorite project? 

RS: “Genesis” is my favorite project and my one and only solo effort. It just was so raw and it was my introduction to the game.  The other two projects were collaborative works, so “Lost Gemz” is my second ever solo project.

TUD: How have you grown as an artist over the years? 

RS: I’ve matured as a person along with the music. I became more versatile once I started trying new things in the studio. Also, at the same time I created my own lane and I know what direction I want to take it.

TUD: If you weren’t a music artist, what would you be? 

RS: I’m into restoring classic cars and selling them. From imports to the American muscle, I would probably be an auto technician.

TUD: What do you make of all the recent police brutality? What’s your stance as a black man in America? 

RS: I definitely have a problem with that entire situation. It’s telling us nobody is safe, because cops have always been getting away with murder. I don’t think retaliation is the thing to do, but I do think they should have more respect for everyday people. Honestly I don’t know what to do at this point, and I wish there was an answer. I do believe in prayer and from there, hope for the best.

Rahiem speaks out about the recent injustices in the black community on his latest album “Lost Gems.” “Ain’t No Love” talks about the unfortunate murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson last year, and captures the overall essence of how young black youth are feeling today.

In addition to talking about real issues, you can expect new sounds and creativity on “Lost Gems.” Rahiem’s flow and style sound like something that aligns with some artists part of the Pro Era crew. 90s inspiration definitely rings loud all the way through, but he mixes it up with several tracks with beats that favor the new wave of hip-hop.

Rahiem is definitely a lost gem in hip-hop. But hopefully with this latest project he will be found.

Listen to Rahiem Supreme’s entire new album “Lost Gemz” below!


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