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Unfortunately this post is ill timed, even as a repost. As a person who actually met and had interaction with Riko, I can tell you I have honestly nothing bad to say about him. He was definitely passionate about his music and his daughter. I at least got a chance to share his music and tell him that I respected him and what he did musically.

His project is now eerily titled “Meant 2 Lose” but Riko was anything but losing or a loser. It’s really sad to even have to type words like that about a person so young with so much life and potential. I pray this is another much needed wake up call that killing people is whack! It’s been played out, it’s never been cool and it’s not the true route to earn real respect.

The senseless violence in Indianapolis and everywhere really needs to end, yesterday. My sincere condolences to Riko’s family, extended family and friends.


Got another project worth your ears. This one is coming out of Indianapolis and the artist name is Riko V. Might have seen or heard from him on the site before. The new project he has out is called #Meant2Lose and it’s hosted by the homey DJ Boogie Bang, who also puts on the Indy Hip-Hop Music Fest.

Riko V is a very solid lyricist that puts a lot of emotion out in his music. Some of his bars have been known to ruffle feathers, but the young guy has no problem giving you exactly what he’s feeling at the time. Click on the link under the cover art.


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