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A 12-year-old kid went from having a horrible experience at a Trump rally to meeting the President of the United States in an exciting moment of sheer disbelief.

J.J. Holmes begged his mom to take him to the Trump rally in Tampa, Florida this past Saturday so he could boycott the Republican nominee and his treatment of the disabled. JJ, who lives with cerebral palsy, says he hates Donald Trump.

From Huffington PostTrump quickly ordered them out of the rally. His supporters responded by “chanting ‘U-S-A’ and pushing [J.J.’s] wheelchair,” Alison told The Washington Post. “We were put out by security,” she said. “Mr. Trump kept saying, ‘Get them out.’” As Alison spoke to the Post reporter, J.J., speaking with the help of a computer vocalization device, interjected. “I hate Donald Trump,” he said. “I hate Donald Trump.”

A reporter who saw the awful turn of events got in contact with Hillary Clinton‘s press secretary, who escorted J.J. and his mom to her rally in Kissimmee, Florida on Sunday.

The Post continues:

“(Valentina) Pereda offered to escort J.J. and Alison to Clinton’s Sunday rally in Kissimmee, Florida, where Obama was scheduled to deliver one of his final campaign speeches before Tuesday’s election. 

At the rally venue, Pereda decided that the area reserved for people in wheelchairs was too far from the stage. She wanted to get J.J. closer to the president. So she led J.J. and his mother through crowds of people, across muddy turf, to the VIP area near the stage, she said. 

With the help of a White House staffer friend, Pereda was able to set up a brief meeting between J.J. and Obama,” the site reports.

What a turn around! Pereda says J.J.’s smile was ” almost bursting out of his face.”

After the president’s speech, Pereda’s friend escorted them to the other side of the barricades that separated rally attendees from the stage. Obama leaned forward, shook J.J.’s hand and smiled for a photo.

J.J. was ecstatic. His smile was “almost bursting out of his face,” Pereda wrote ― “His body overcome by light, when just the day before it almost succumbed to hate.” 

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SOURCE: Huffington Post

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