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Head and Shoulders of a Women Swimming

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Now as a black woman you know we don’t play about our hair especially when going to a swimming pool.

Well there is a British woman who is creating waterproof scarves for every black girl who don’t play about their hair.

The caps will be called “Nemes” and was created by 38-year-old Danielle Obe, from London. The idea came after she wanted to find a way to encourage her daughter to learn how to swim. Her six-year-old Kayla started to dread going to the pool because of her hair.

Obe told Metro UK, “The chlorine dries out the hair, causing it to be frizzy, brittle and ‘thirsty,’ which is what causes breakage, hair thinning, and—in some cases for women with processed, delicate hair—it falls off if the hair is not thoroughly washed out, conditioned, and rehydrated,”

Her products are currently available for pre-order on her site, and will be available this spring.


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