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Glow By Daye Purple Deep Conditioning Cap

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As someone who’s been #teamnatural for years, I’ve learned the importance of what it means to keep your mane moisturized. Aside from keeping your hair hydrated and maintaining the style you worked so hard on, moisturized tresses play a major role in your hair growth journey. While some naturals are content with the TWA or shoulder-length fro, I’m determined to grow out my hair as long as it can get.

So, when it comes to prioritizing a moisturizing regimen in my routine, I like to make sure that my products of choice and accessories match up. I decided to step up my hair game by adding the Glow by Day Deep Conditioning Hair Cap ($39.99, into my lineup.

While there are plenty of deep conditioning caps on the market, Glow By Daye’s design came out on top for multiple reasons. For starters, this number is made with soft microfiber cotton, nylon, and cotton which ensures that my strands and edges will be left intact. This cap boasts a cordless construction that doesn’t require me to stay stagnant during the day. And inside of the cap is made with flaxseed which has the ability to hold and retain heat with ease.

And while most people would only use a tool like this one time, I put it to the test on three separate occasions so I could get a true sense of what this deep conditioning cap brings to the table. With each use, I kicked things off by applying a pre-poo mixture of peppermint, lavender, castor and a few drop of tea tree oil to my hair. I let it sit for two hours, then rinsed. Next, I followed up with my go-to shampoo and conditioner duo — the Rucker Roots Smoothing Sulfate-Shampoo and Detangling Conditioner ($27.00,

Once my hair was washed to perfection, it was time to add a deep conditioner to my mane. I’m particularly fond of the Mielle Organics Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner ($13.99, It’s deeply enriched with fatty acids, natural oils, and complex amino acids that go the extra mile to nourish your hair. After applying a generous amount to my strands, it’s time to pop my deep conditioning cap in the microwave. After warming it up for two minutes, I placed a plastic cap over my hair and followed up with the conditioning cap.

After letting the deep conditioner sit on my hair for 20 minutes, I rinsed out myself strands. And as I washed the product from my hair, I noticed how soft, moisturized and manageable my strands felt. No static or frizz at all! And even as my hair air dried through twists, my hair looked plumped with hydration. I was even able to skip my hair moisturizing routine, since the hydration held up so well.

While it can be a pain to find the right deep conditioning cap, Glow By Daye’s offering is definitely worth it. Your dry hair days will be officially behind you and you’ll feel good knowing that your money was well-spent on a product that lasts.


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