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Cardi B & Marshmello At KAOS

Source: Tony Tran / Tony Tran

Bardi has teamed up again with Reebok to give us apparel just in time for the Summer.

Cardi knows what she wants and making sure to get it.

“Reebok’s blog has more details about the upcoming collection, including its emphasis on catering to Cardi’s fans. Product Manager Molly Kazarian says, “Today’s consumer is not down with BS. They see through brands. With the Cardi B shoe collection, it’s clear she didn’t do it for a check. After collaborating with her, we ultimately just let her be herself. Cardi was really specific about how she wanted the collection to be accessible. Accessibility is clearly important to her, and you can see this everywhere from sizing to the price point.” – LoveBScott

Let me get my coins together for April 23rd!