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It looks like Rihanna‘s wish didn’t come true!

After the singer, 21, joked during an radio interview that if she could “turn off” any famous person with a remote control it would be Tila Tequila, it seems she only raised the reality star’s volume.

Tequila, 28, took to her blog and to Twitter on Friday to publicly bash Rihanna.

“I’m sorry girlfriend, but you were cool until you decided to open up your mouth about me so I have no choice,” Tequila writes. “Everyone in the entertainment industry knows, you just do not f— with Tila Tequila and think you can get away with it!”

Tequila then continues to bash the singer — whom she says she had hoped would have been supportive of her as they both were victims of domestic abuse — by claiming she has herpes:

“So while you cascade around town, acting like yo s— don’t stink, and leading the media and your fans into thinking that you are a strong woman, and idol, well…it’s a shame you had to trick them into thinking you are, because truth is, you’re ruining other people’s lives, infecting people with your STDs, and walking around getting praised and loving the sympathy, when really, in real life you are just a major b—h who could give two s—s about your fans and all the people who have been supporting you! Including myself!” she writes. “You don’t even acknowledge your fans, you know, the people who got you famous?”

She concludes her lengthy post by saying that she’s upset that by calling Rihanna out “Jay-Z, Kanye [West], Beyonce or whoever else is on your team is gonna hate me” and by showing her “love” for Chris Brown.

“I honestly think that you have paid your dues, and I’m definitely on Team Chris now!” she writes. “Go Chris! You can make your comeback, and I fully support you!”