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Dr. Dre Lacks Motivation for "Detox"


At this point, some might not ever care if Detoxcomes out.  Expectations are made so that they can be met, but as constant delays continue to hold the album back, some fans are getting tired of just waiting around.

With releases such as Relaspe and Before I Self Destruct this year, it felt as though Dre might have had his hands tied up in so many other projects that he was unable to tend to his own which would be a valid enough reason.

Outside of the music, Dre has also been on his hustle being on commercials for Dr. Pepper and linking deals for his own exclusive headphones as well as a partnership with Hewlett-Packard.

Hope was on the verge of coming from Snoop Dogg and The Game recently when they told fans through Twitter that the three were in the lab cooking something up for the producer.

Speaking on ABC News, the producer gave the exact reason as to why his project has been taking as long as it has.  Be aware, the answer may shock.

“[I’m] only [working] on my album that I’ve been working on for the last ten years, that’s it [laughs],” Dre said about what projects he is working on. “The Detox record. Hopefully I’ll get it done by the end of this year and you’ll hear it next year. Motivation and other things getting in the way, that’s it [has caused the delay.]“

Word? Lack of motivation.  Well if that ain’t about a b*tch.

With artists ranging from T.I. to Nas to Ludacris steadily providing their input into this third album, what type of motivation could be stopping Dre from just getting the project done?  Releases such as Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…pt.2along with various other projects in 2009 should be enough to want to jump back into Hip-Hop right about now.  Even his own team, 50 Cent and Eminem, are trying to place order back in the genre with their releases.

Whatever the case may be, it’s about that time to get into go mode because 10 years is a very long time.  No offense at all, but it can’t be writer’s block if everyone else is responsible behind the pad and pen.  Something needs to give and hopefully itwon’t be the faith of fans in the delivery of this project.