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Making lists of someone’s best work is solely based on opinion, but Complex Magazine’s recent list of the top 25 Timbaland tracks has some glaring omissions.

While it looks like the magazine stuck to songs released as singles, we can excuse some of the album tracks that were left off of their list.  However there are quite a few singles that were left off the list….

1. Aaliyah “4 Page Letter”

We’re very happy that Aaliyah was well represented on Complex’s list, however leaving “4 Page Letter” off the list is akin to your Lebron’s mom sleeping with Delonte West.  It just shouldn’t have happened.

2. Aaliyah “Hot Like Fire” (Timbaland’s Groove Mix)

C’MON SON!!!!  This remix goes hard and definitely is light years better than some of the tracks on Complex’s list… coughYoungJeezy”3AM”cough.

3. Ginuwine “I’ll Do Anything / I’m Sorry”

This classic slow groove from Ginuwine’s first album is arguably the best thing Elgin Lumpkin ever recorded.  Yes, better than “Pony.”

4. Ginuwine “Same Ol’ G”

Not one of Ginuwine’s best known singles, but “Same Ol’ G”, which came out during Tim’s baby-crying, Godzilla-roaring sampling heyday shows that he was able to create a simple, straight ahead R&B song devoid of all of the “special effects” yet still retain the Timbaland sound.

5. Ginuwine “So Anxious”

This slow, slightly sleazy sounding song served as the soundtrack to several slow grinds back in the day. And let’s not forget the “remix” beat that pops up near the end of the video…

6. Missy Elliott “Hit ‘Em Wit Da Hee” (Remix)

Hands down, my favorite Timbaland remix.  Tim transformed the relatively ho-hum album version into a production masterpiece.  The real gem lies in the second half when Tim switches the beat up and performs a musical wedding ceremony between Al Green & Björk.  Say word?

7. Missy Elliott “Beep Me 911” (feat. 702)

This isn’t on Complex’s list?   Whooaaaa there lil’ buddy…

8. Missy Elliot “Work It”

Overplayed? Certainly.  But that doesn’t make this song any less an example of Tim’s genius.  Admit it.  You were singing along to the backwards part too.  “Its yearn flippin nippy flan nav cripple”

9. Total “What About Us”

This jam off the soundtrack to the film Soul Food still knocks to this day.

10. The Lox, Eve & Drag-On “Ryde Or Die Chick”

This Ruff Ryder anthem had girls all over the world claiming to be Ryde Or Die chicks.

11. Pastor Troy “Are We Cuttin'” (feat. Miss Jade)

I incessantly bugged Pastor Troy’s A&R rep for months for a copy of this song before it finally came out.

12. Snoop Dogg “Snoop Dogg (What’s My Name Pt. 2)”

Snoop’s last album on No Limit Records is one of the most underrated records of his career, and so is this song.  Tim & Snoop take a cue from Frankie Smith’s “Double Dutch Bus”, which Tim would revisit again for Missy’s “Gossip Folks.”

13. Memphis Bleek, Jay-Z & Missy Elliott “Is That Your Chick”

Come on… Bleek got a hit record off of this. That’s no easy feat. That’s the power of Timbaland!

14. Jay-Z “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”

“Dirt Off Your Shoulder” was one of those rare beats that was hard enough to not tick off the roughnecks, yet catchy enough that it made a perfect ringtone (back when we cared about ringtones…)

So now that we’ve covered the singles that Complex failed to mention, let’s go in on the album cuts and other obscure joints that should’ve made Complex’s list!

15. Ludacris “The Potion”

I can’t listen to this without feeling like I coulda been cast in You Got Served.  I also get a temporary case of synesthesia whenever I hear this.  All the warbling bleeps and beeps in the song paint a very vivid picture in my head full of shimmering and falling lights and colors… It’s LSD in hip-hop form.

16. Jay-Z “Come And Get Me”

Starting out sounding like a slow pimp stroll, “Come And Get Me” eventually morphs into the kind of beat that only an MC like Jay-Z could do justice.

“Come and get meeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

17. Jay-Z “It’s Hot (Some Like It Hot)”

I’ll be honest with you.  This song >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “Big Pimpin’.”

18. Timbaland & Magoo “Writtin Rhymes”

This album cut from the first Timbaland & Magoo album features one of the smoothest hard beats (huh?) Timbaland ever made.  That smooth guitar loop plus Tim’s favorite Al Green drums equals an under-appreciated Timbaland classic

19. Jodeci “What About Us” (Swing Mob Remix)

This remix was largely ignored when it was released.  In fact, aside from the cassette maxi-single (remember those?) that I stole from Sam Goody when it dropped, I haven’t seen this remix on a piece of vinyl or CD, and believe me I’ve looked.  One of the earliest Timbaland tracks, you can see how his style developed from here.

20. Justin Timberlake “Until The End Of Time”

This Prince sampling slow jam from Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSounds album was one of the many hot songs on the album and helped solidify the duo of Timberlake and Timbaland as the ones to beat in 2006.

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