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R&B legend Aaron Hall has decided to speak out against the current status of R&B.

In an interview with, Hall touched on his feelings about the self-proclaimed “King of R&B” R. Kelly and states that Kellz may have stolen his style, but he can’t touch his swagger.

“I know a lot of people out there are saying that R. Kelly stole my style,” Hall said. “But remember he can’t touch my swagger. I got that old school swag, that 80’s swag and ain’t nobody touching that.”

Kellz wasn’t the only one that Hall went after in the interview, Hall also sent a word of advice to newly separated singer The Dream.

“What he did to his wife wasn’t right,” Hall continued. “But as far as music goes, he needs to lose some weight. He writes good songs but he definitely needs to slim down and I hope he sees this.”

Words of advice wasn’t the only thing that Aaron Hall was handing out, he also told fans that he plans to release his first album in five years.

“The name of my album is called 64 Classic,” Hall said. “The first single is called, ‘There Will Never Be Another Me.’ I am bringing real music back.”

Aaron Hall also offered advice for the stars who feel imitated by today’s youth.

“You should never get mad when someone copies your style, you should feel flattered because everyone knows where they got it from. Like [R.Kelly], he can’t get dropped off in the streets because the streets love me and they know a thief when they see one. Shout out to thieves because I love them.”

Wow…LOL, first Lil’ Kim, now Aaron Hall, it’s getting hard out there for the new jacks.

Check out the interview: