It's safe to say RiRi is pretty pleased with her Navy right now.

Rihanna released a short little video called “Goodnight Gotham”.  A little something extra for the people as it was a bonus track on her latest album Anti.  Watch as Rihanna just runs full speed into a crowd of adoring fans in Paris and proceed to take pictures galore. Source:

Rihanna is known as queen of the bad gals, so to see her get emotional in public is rare. Yet Rih Rih broke down in tears on stage while performing “Love the Way You Lie” at the Dublin stop on her Anti World Tour on Tuesday. The beauty welled up and hung her head as she […]

There are reports the two superstars have been secretly seeing each other "for months."

In true bad gyal fashion, Rihanna chooses 4/20 to drop the next visual from her eighth studio album 'ANTI.'

Talent aside, Rihanna's intense evolution has been the very core of her success.

Last night, Rihanna kicked off her Anti tour to a glowing review from's Tom Szaroleta.