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Forever First Lady Michelle Obama has always been an advocate for health and fitness. She constantly motivates others, and her beautiful physique shows that she practices what she preaches. On Sunday, Mrs. O posted a gym pic with a caption saying that working out might not feel good at the moment, but she always feels […]

Most men (let alone black men) don’t think of yoga as a work out but the benefits are endless. Creating peace with meditation, increases flexibility and one most guys will love… sexual help. Yes, doing yoga has sexual benefits most men could use to help in the bedroom. The varies moves used in yoga can […]

Xavier University of Louisiana, located in a western neighborhood of New Orleans, produces the highest number of Black medical students in the nation, the New York…

In an effort to encourage to low-income Detroit, Mich.,  mothers to breastfeed, an Oregon company has teamed with the Clinton Global Initiative to buy their…

National (Time)– In a finding that surprised its authors, a new study revealed that vitamin D deficiency does not contribute to rates of fatal stroke in African Americans, even while it doubles the risk of death from stroke in whites. This, despite the fact that blacks are known to be more vulnerable to vitamin D […]

African Americans are known to have a higher rate of heart disease and stroke than whites, and a new study suggests that those excess risks emerge at a relatively young age.