Khloe Kardashian always puts love before any trial she may be dealing with.

With Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors, the rest of the league is rushing to create their own super team. That brings us to the theory that Dwyane Wade may be joining his old teammate LeBron James in Cleveland.

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert are just a few months away from entering parenthood and now it looks like they’ve taken the next step towards…

Warriors fans, Cavs fans and just sports fans in general have been on edge as of late with the start of a highly anticipated NBA Finals series between…

Last night (July 8), Lebron James brought tears of joy to the city of Miami. While at the same time crushing the hopes of fans in New York and Cleveland. New York’s number one goal coming into the off season was to sign Lebron at all costs. He was offered free lap dances for life […]

Dan Gilbert is  probably going to go down in History as one of the most generous and giving owners of all time! Coaches, trainers and players have been numerous in this revolving door know as the Cleveland Cavaliers organization. The key thing to remember is that it was all done for the sake of Keeping […]