The latest challenge to hit social media is the #CandyChallenge. Where parents are telling their children to wait to eat a piece of candy or food until they come back. Little do these cute kids realize, they are being recorded. While many children may have passed the “test” many were tempted by the candy in […]

Dwyane Wade is the latest star to try his hand at the #SoGoneChallenge, but his bars may not be as great as his skill on the court.

This is far from the ice bucket challenge. There’s a new challenge that summons a spirit named Charlie. You put a piece of paper with 4 sections that have yes or no on a flat surface. Then, you place one pencil on top of another on top of the paper and ask Charlie questions. Well…Charlie had answers! […]

  According to our pals over at Eben Gregory, actor Orlando Jones just did something amazing. He pointed out something that has been bothering people…

Everyone could better themselves just a little right? Here are some tips on how to challenge yourself!

Talk about a reversal…A white sorority from Arkansas recently won the Sprite Step-Off Challenge which was held in Atlanta Civic Center . The Zeta Tau Alpha ladies received a standing ovation after their performance.