Photo Credit: Getty Images/Dan Brandenburg Ladies, here’s a list of 5 signs that you may be a sidechick… 1. If you can’t spend the actual day with him 2. If you do have plans that weekend, they’re either happening on the 13th or the 15th 3. While everyone else is waiting for a […]

I have to admit...I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! Check out this episode!

Cheater's Week on the Midday Drama: Here are 10 tips on how to handle a cheating boyfriend! And be sure to check out the Midday Drama tomorrow at 10:15AM <!--move-->

It's Cheater's Week on the Midday Drama! Here is a video that the ladies can all relate to once they found out that there man was cheating! <!--move-->

It's Cheater's Week on the Midday Drama this week...if you have ever been cheated on you know that there are tons of songs that tell a story of how you is one for those women who have been cheated on and just went crazy!...Jasmine Sullivan "Bust Your Windows" <!--move-->