Garbrielle Union talks about her new wine, being engaged and her show, Being Mary Jane with Chelsea Lately.

K. Dot made his first-ever appearance on ‘Chelsea Lately’ last night. Chelsea and K. Dot spoke on Miley Cyrus’ VMA’s performance, wanting to keep the competition in hip-hop alive with his verse on Big Sean‘s track, and the time his mom found evidence of him getting lucky. Check the Interview…

Despite what the naysayers say, Ciara hasn’t given up after all. The R&B songstress is set to perform a mini outdoor concert on Jimmy Kimmel Live! next Tuesday, June… 2111125231424 by YardieGoals

Drake visited ‘Chelsea Lately’ and came bringing gifts! Being her candid self, she didn’t hold any punches while talking to Drake. From calling him a homosexual, asking about him being the only Jewish rapper, about his love for older “voluptuous” women, and if him and Nicki did the “pants off, dance off”-nothing is off limits.

Did Chelsea Handler go too far by saying Drake was like a “flaming homosexual”? She made the comment right to Drizzy’s face on her E! late night talk show “Chelsea Lately,” after he made fun of himself. Drake and Chelsea were discussing his not-so-masculine drink of choice, white whine spritzer, and he said it made […]

Everyone know's when you think of rappers you think of Chelsea Handler the host of Chelsea Lately and this years VMA Awards on MTV. She's already interviewed the majority of the nominees on her show so I can't wait. This is going to be hilarious.

T.I and Chelsea have an interesting connection, whenever they are together it’s full of humor and sexual innuendos. They joke openly about their “relationship” and keeping it a secret from Tiny.

Be on the lookout for the new T.I Album “King Uncaged” will be out in August! 17th!

Is Artest the new Dennis Rodman? I know that was one of his inspirations and favorite players earlier in his career. I don’t want to say my man is wearing “Erotic Designer Pajamas” but shoot, that’s what they look like to me! Anyway, check out the latest from the Lakers New Party Coordinator!

If you're a fan of the "Chelsea Lately" show, then you'll know that the host has a soft spot for rappers...namely T.I.