It’s that time of year where the season is changing, even though it’s still hot outside in Indy. Nevertheless, Fall is here and that means one thing, FALL FASHION!!! Definitely my favorite time of the year when it comes to fashion. All the colors, denim, joggers, hoodies, you name it, I got it. Here’s some […]

Bernice Jenkins announces that sundress season has been canceled. While this might disappoint some people, she’s very pleased with the decision. She explains what she saw while she was in line at McDonalds that contributes to her happiness about the cancellation of sundress season. Listen to the audio player to hear her explain more in […]

In May of this year, Damon Dash, who once made a point of telling everyone he didn’t recycle shirts/underwear/socks twice, admitted that he was in serious…

The year 2013 should be known as the year of the meme. Bloggers and the general public had to send a collective shout out to…

Have you ever wanted an emblem of your city, but didn’t want to completely deck out in everything? We’re talking about jersey, jacket, hat —…

That’s Floyd’s personal driver holding up the shirt. To get the shirt, hit up @MoneyMayDriver on Twitter (Yeah right). But…we don’t want the damn shirt. We want to see the FIGHT. We can all agree to that…right?

A Colorado man was arrested last week after he showed up to a fast food restaurant without all of his clothes on.  The “Longmont Times-Call” is reporting that Richard Troupe was busted by police last Tuesday after he visited a Burger King drive-thru without any pants.  A female employee told police she noticed the 52-year-old’s […]

Get ready Spring is here! Check out the hot new trends for Spring 2010!

The Recession doesn't affect Hip Hop Fashion! <!--more-->