Colin Kaepernick

Congrats to long-time partners Colin Kaepernick & Nessa Diab for welcoming their first child together! The two announced it on social media.

Monday, Netflix announced a new series that will take a look at Colin Kaepernick’s early years. Kaepernick and award-winning filmmaker Ava Duvernay will team up for Colin in Black & White. The scripted six-episode series will dive deeper into Kaepernick’s early years as a black boy adopted into a white family, his transition into a […]

Colin Kaepernick says it would be "hypocritical" of him if he voted in the 2016 election; do you agree?

In honor of the brave athlete's 29th birthday, we honor his confidence, strength and Blackness with photos of Colin Kaepernick looking like Black excellence.

At a rally over the weekend, Donald Trump decided to talk about… the NFL? The NFL has had less-than-stellar ratings this season, and Trump is partially blaming Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest voicing concerns over racial inequality. Trump took the stage in Denver as the Broncos were playing the San Diego Chargers. He told the crowd he was wondering […]

In the latest issue of ESPN Magazine, New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony strays from basketball talk and focuses more on the issues that plague Black America. The ever-growing issue between law enforcement and and Black people has affect Melo and his hometown of Baltimore which just acquitted six police officers after facing charges resulting from the April […]

Colin Kaepernick, who’s been the subject of swirling controversy since protesting the national anthem, addressed critics who have called him “un-American” for his actions. “I don’t understand what’s more American than fighting for liberty and justice for everybody, for the equality this country says it stands for,” he said at a press conference after the 49ers […]

While plenty of black NFL players have come out in support of Colin Kaepernick‘s national anthem protest,  LeSean McCoy doesn’t appear to be one of them. In fact McCoy is taking things a bit further by bringing a group of 15 to 20 cops to the Buffalo Bills’ next game. McCoy said that it has yet to be […]

The return of Colin Kaepernick is upon us. The San Francisco 49ers have gotten off to a less than stellar start with a 1-4 record under quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Over the past 4 games Gabbert has thrown for just four touchdowns and six interceptions and head coach Chip Kelly is ready to make a change by […]

NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice has apologized for his “All Lives Matter” tweet from August in response to Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the National Anthem. Rice tweeted his apology Wednesday night saying, “When I said {All Lives Matter} I didn’t know about the movement going on between {Black Lives Matter}. I want to apologize […]

Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick spoke out on a photo that appeared to show the two NFL players in each other's faces.

Following two more high-profile shootings of Black men over the past few days, Sherman declined to answer any questions at a press conference Wednesday, but did address the need for social change.