We lost a legend Tuesday night as the family shared the news of John Witherspoon’s untimely passing. He was known to many as the hilarious father/grandfather figure in a number of his roles. From Ice Cube’s father on the Friday series, to “pops” on the Wayans Bros., Witherspoon has been like a dad to us […]

From In Living Color, The Wayans Bros, Scary Movie, and now his Netflix hit movie Sextuplets, the name Marlon Wayans has become a household name. At the peak of his career, the youngest of a dynasty talks family legacy, and where his brand of comedy fits in the picture. Check this out:  

  Black Tony has had jobs at the trap house, radio station and now he’s gearing up to become a driver. In this video he picked up a young lady that was going to the airport. Once entering the car she begins to smell weed. Black Tony then tells her he smokes and drinks on […]

Comedian and actor Brandon T. Jackson is performing at the Addison Improv this weekend, but before he takes the stage he talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about Donald Trump, explains the difference between church and the Bible and much more! Watch the entire interview below. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

Actor and comedian Chris Tucker hits the stage at the Chicago Theater this weekend. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about President Obama’s Farewell Speech in Chicago and his appearance on the Smithsonian’s tribute to African America music. “Usher tore it up. I did he tribute to my good friend Michael Jackson. It was […]

Hannibal Burress is coming to town this Saturday (Oct. 1) for his comedy tour The Hannibal Montanabal Experience.  He talked with Eliott King about working with The Rock, having T.I. walk out on his show, cat fishing on Tinder and so much more.  Check it out    

Eliott King took a visit to Carplex and went on a test drive to see how the car would handle the turn up.  Watch the video to see what happens next!

Eliott King a.k.a The Mayor of Snaptown brings to you his Snapchat stories.  This one is called “Filtered Flow Sessions”…turning the filters of Snapchat into an epic rap session.

We had our fantasy football draft for the station and I picked up Tom Brady.  Andrew Luck was already taken, but at least i’ll get to bump this song every time he scores.  Check out this video parody of Jay Z’s “Tom Ford” entitled “Tom Scored”  

I feel like we’ve all suffered from this at some point.  The struggle is real as homeboy deals with his dab addiction LOL