Just as the long battles over custody and defamation between Ciara and Future finally came to a close, Ciara is back before the judge with yet another request. Now, of course the woman’s got to do what she has to do, but is she spending too much time and energy in her legal face-off with […]

Tyga's still got a few financial woes to work out.

Robbie Montgomery of the popular Miss Sweetie Pie’s restaurant (and the TV show, “Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s” on OWN) had to sue her own son after he went behind her back and potentially damaged the reputation she worked so hard to build. While the business has thrived, familial matters seem to be under some serious […]


Global Grind has exclusively obtained the poignant letter that McGriff sent to the President, seeking clemency for his alleged crimes.

Ciara is not playing games with her ex Future. She’s taking him right back to court in order to challenge the disparaging comments he so frequently used to make against very loudly and publicly via social media. But is she really in it for the legal rewards, or is she still in love and plotting revenge? […]

"No Chill Gil" took to his Instagram to slam Laura for losing in court on Friday, stemming from a case earlier this year when Gilbert sued Laura for defamation.

The lawyer, who is supposed to be representing Bobby Shmurda in his felony perjury case, was MIA from a court hearing for the second time on Thursday.


The Shield actor Michael Jace has been convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of his wife.

Katt Williams has been the center of attention in recent weeks, mostly bad news, but a judge and her compassionate heart had a bit of encouragement for Katt Williams.     Hopefully her pleading to him to stay out of trouble will actually stick with him.

Freedia stepped into a Louisiana courtroom to answer to charges of government housing theft.