Young Money‘s First Lady Nicki Minaj has been known to throw a diva tantrum or two. People usually let it go and move on…

Let’s be honest, if you’ve ever been to a Jay-Z concert you always secretly wish that Beyonce aka King Bey will make a surprise appearance.…

Meet Rick from Arizona….. Rick’s enjoying his Memorial Day Weekend in lovely Jamaica at the Hedonism II resort. This is a place to unwind, meet new people and walk around nude if you like. Well Rick loves it. While being interviewed about what has brought him here 40 times since 1988, music begins playing in […]

Gabourey Sidibe was spotted leaving the airport and acting like a diva!

(From huffingtonpost.com) Maybe she was just having a bad day, but Gabourey Sidibe was rude to several reporters at the White House Correspondents Dinner last weekend, according to various media outlets.

Kelly Rowland had a diva moment on a recent commercial flight to Sydney.

Sandra Rose is reporting that Amber Rose is making enemies left and right with club promoters across the country. Word is that Kanye West’s girlfriend is commanding $5,000 a pop to make appearances at nightclubs. While we admit that she’s a trendsetting fashionista with a body to die for, we’re not sure she’s worth that […]