Eliott King

WWE Hall of Famer, champion, hardcore legend and all around awesome person Mick Foley stopped by the studio.  Clash of Champions was in town at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse.  He talks about being a GM, his wrestling days, raising a daughter who wants to wrestle and so much more! Check out the video below

Eliott King headed down to the Mt. Comfort Indianapolis Regional Airport last week before the Indy Air Expo to see what all the hype was about.  He got that and more when he took to the skies in a Stunt Plane. To see Eliott’s full ride and reaction from inside the plane, hold on and watch […]

We all know that one person that for some reason is always hating on everybody.  Keisha Nicole embodies that role (not in real life, she’s a sweetheart) in this video.  Check it out and have a laugh or two, or 17.

Hot 96.3’s Keisha Nicole and Eliott King take part in an epic adventure as they run through an inflatable obstacle course. The duo overcomes nasty weather, bouncy house hateration and more. Peep the footage caught on Snapchat. You can follow them on Snapchat @eliottking and @keishanicolela

Everyone just assumes Comic Con is just a bunch of nerds getting together and dressing up as super heroes.  Well there is some of that, there is a ton of stuff to do for people of all ages and interests. From meeting celebrities, improv comedy shows to beautiful cosplay models there is an endless choice […]

You’re not you when you’re hungry, and apparently Eliott King turns into Chris Brown haha.    

Ok not really, but this is what it would look like if they did.

Keisha Nicole and Eliott King back at it again with another #TBT trap cover of an old TV theme song.  This week is “The Jeffersons” to “Move That Dope.”    

This week the duo covers the theme song to “Married With Children” in honor of #TBT and Young Greatness stopping by the studio!    

In case you missed it, Keshia Nicole and Eliott King did another trap cover for Throwback Thursday.  This time turning the theme song of “In Living Color” into a trap song, featuring B-Swift

Every week Keisha Nicole and Eliott King drop a Trap Cover at 4p on Hot 96.3. In honor of #tbt, can you name this 90’s TV show theme song