For Reality TV lovers, the Oxygen network is serving you up another one starring Shawty Lo and all his baby mamas and children. Slated to air next Spring on the network, All My Babies’ Mamas, “chronicles the complicated lives of one man, his children’s mamas, and their army of children, capturing the highs and lows of […]

What can you really say when your aunt tells you you’ve gained some weight when you arrive home for the holidays? This was me two…

1. If you are invited to someone’s home or just stopping by for sweet’s, bring SOMETHING!! A soda (pop), a dessert, small side dish,bottle of wine, food stamps,SOMETHING! Don’t show up empty handed. More than likely not bringing anything will get you uninvited next year or talked about when you leave.I’m Just Saying! 2. Don’t […]

Tracing your family’s roots may seem like a daunting and maybe even impossible task.  Many black families have migrated a lot, have ghost family members and have documented histories that may not be easily accessible. But these hurdles have not stopped several African Americans, such as Morgan Freeman, Vanessa Williams, 50 Cent, Maya Angelou, Chris […]

Spring is a wonderful time to create new family habits for a fresh start.  Some people consider spring time the real new year.  Here are some tips for creating new habits for your family: 1. Commit to Thirty Days – Three to four weeks is all the time you need to make a habit automatic. […]

Jennifer Hudson is breaking her silence over the shooting deaths of three members of her family. In a new interview with “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that aired today, the Oscar-winner expresses her shock and sadness over the 2008 killings of her mother, brother, and her seven-year-old nephew in Chicago. Hudson tells Winfrey that the surviving […]

Holidays! This is the time of the year when people go visit their families for, supposedly, good times and a nice meal together. Well, these are gatherings where we revive family ties and catch up on news from everyone. More often than not, though, what we see is a gathering of a bunch of people […]

While we’re home vacationing and celebrating during the holiday seasons, keeping our loved ones safe from harm is important.  Knowing how to protect our children and pets from accidents and hurting themselves can make the holidays a peaceful one.

Nostalgia…Nostalgia is what builds inside of you when you hear, see or do something that triggers fond memory. On this day that memory was Michael Jackson! The out pour of love and support was nothing short of amazing by his hometown fans. There was a feel of true excitement in the hearts of every person […]

Looking for something fun to do with the fam? Check this out!


Tyrese Gibson got in some quality family time as he and his ex-wife Norma Mitchell took their daughter Shayla Gibson out for some frozen yogurt in West Hollywood, CA yesterday:

Beyonce recently sat down for an interview with A.J. Calloway of Extra and discussed taking a break and having kids.  The singer said yes she would like to have kids at some point, the interview was going well until A.J. found a way to weave in questions about her husband Jay-Z wanting kids?  Bey got […]