girlfight is just getting word of some CRAZINESS on the set of Queen Latifah’s new show Single Ladies.   According to a member of the staff, Lisa Raye and co-star Stacey Dash got into a FIST FIGHT. The insider told, “Stacy is crazy, I mean really crazy. She was out of her mind saying […]

The host asked Rowland about whether she was upset with Beyonce for releasing a video for ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ so close to launch of ‘Commander’.

The catfight continues between Wendy and Omarosa!!I heard that Wendy Williams was a no-show at the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night, because the seating arrangements had her dining right next to her archenemy – Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth.

UPDATE: We guess the ladies caught on because both Tiny and Toya took to their Twitter accounts to dispel the rumors of their supposed beef. Neither one of them commented on Reginae’s status within the OMG Girlz, though. Hmm… TOYA’S TWEET:TINY’S TWEET: ___ “Weezy’s Daughter Kicked Out Of “OMG” Group Because Of Tiny/Toya Beef?” A […]

The two reality show stars waged war on Twitter, after having an on-air argument on the radio.

I’m hearing that there’s DRAMA on Chilli’s new reality show “What Chilli Wants.” Sources are saying that Chilli and her co-star matchmaker Tionna Smalls have been going at each other.

Eve speaks on if she’s intimidated by Nicki Minaj’s come up; calls her "quirky." But was that a low enough below to consider this a "beef"?

Demi Moore has taken to twitter to challenge Kim Kardashian over her playful use of the word "pimpin.'" Seriously, Demi? Old people are so cranky.

If you missed the “Bad Girls Club” reunion on Tuesday, you missed a whole lot of punch-throwing, name-calling, and spit-hurling – not that that’s any different from what usually went on while the series was on air. The high point of the reunion came at the very end when Natalie and Flo decided to battle […]