Whenever I was sick, one of the first things I would do is throw out my tooth brush. I didn’t want to spread bacteria after I was feeling better and prolong my healing process. I came across this video that gives you a tutorial of how to wash your toothbrush. Even if you’re not sick, […]

Forever First Lady Michelle Obama has always been an advocate for health and fitness. She constantly motivates others, and her beautiful physique shows that she practices what she preaches. On Sunday, Mrs. O posted a gym pic with a caption saying that working out might not feel good at the moment, but she always feels […]

Jazmine Sullivan is snatching wigs and turning heads! A lot of people are on a health and fitness journey, and I personally live the lifestyle as well. It’s great to see people’s results and fruits of their labor. Jazmine is clearly doing something right. She looks goodT! Check out the beautiful songstress below! #YouMyGirlDaniD […]

Over the next two weeks, St. Vincent Hospital is offering free health screenings at block parties across central Indiana. The hospital will hold Neighborhood Block Parties at five locations in Indianapolis, Castleton, Noblesville, Plainfield and Avon starting next Monday. Adults will have a chance to receive no-cost health screenings and tour new hospital locations. There […]

Most men (let alone black men) don’t think of yoga as a work out but the benefits are endless. Creating peace with meditation, increases flexibility and one most guys will love… sexual help. Yes, doing yoga has sexual benefits most men could use to help in the bedroom. The varies moves used in yoga can […]

When the health department calls a woman to inquire about how many children she has living under her roof, she doesn’t respond well to being questioned. Click on the audio player to hear the craziness and cussing unfold in this hilarious prank call on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! RELATED: Prank Call: Alcohol […]

Gucci Mane is the poster child for Transformation Tuesday. In a new interview with Vogue, the rapper spoke about his love for luxury brands, helped along by his new healthy lifestyle. He admitted that since cutting drugs out of his diet, he has lost 75 pounds, allowing him to enhance his personal style with more fitted […]

  Fate may be taking care of Bill Cosby‘s penance for his alleged misdeeds. According to reports, the former comedian turned social pariah is now “completely blind” and living in “his own personal hell.” The source close to Cosby told PageSix, “His alleged victims may take solace in the fact that he’s in his own personal hell. […]

Lil Wayne is not letting any seizures hold him back from greatness. According to reports, Wayne entertained attendees of the Electronic Entertainment Expo just days after suffering “two minor seizures.”  The rapper performed at the company’s booth inside the Los Angeles Convention Center, less than a week since being hospitalized when his private jet was forced by a medical […]

President Obama made history on Friday by becoming the first U.S. sitting president to visit the Hiroshima bomb site in Japan. The city was destroyed 71 years ago by the world’s first atomic bomb, dropped by American forces. Prior to his arrival, a large crowd gathered by the memorial site. President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister […]

Dr. Collier hangs out with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show and talks at length about Prince‘s medical condition at the time of passing, and what could have possibly contributed to the legendary star’s demise if not drugs. Plus, he explains why some diets just don’t work, and the right way to keep unwanted weight off. Click on the audio […]

In light of the passing of the legendary Phife Dog, founding member of A Tribe Called Quest, Headkrack points out one very significant thing we should take away from his untimely passing. Check out the player above to hear explain more in this exclusive video edition of the Hip-Hop Spot. Sign Up For Our Newsletter![sailthru_widgetfields=”email” sailthru_list=”Rickey Smiley Subscribers”] Click on the audio player below […]