Jim Irsay

Some of you may remember Ricky Freezer from the 2nd stage at the Drake vs Wayne concert. He came through and shut it down and the response was undeniable. One of the songs he performed was called “Jim Irsay” This brand new record is dedicated to the legend of Jim irsay ; the Indianapolis Colts […]

When Colts owner Jim Irsay was pulled over on March 16, police thought he was under the influence, and Irsay refused a blood test. As a result, Irsay’s driver’s license has been suspended. The Indianapolis Star reports that Irsay’s license has been suspended for one year, through May 27, 2015. Under Indiana law, a one-year license suspension is mandated for […]

Indianapolis is the 13th largest city in America. Minneapolis is the 47th largest. Didn’t matter. Indianapolis will not host the 2018 Super Bowl. NFL owners came to a majority decision rewarding the big game to Minneapolis after multiple rounds of voting. Indianapolis was actually the first to be eliminated. New Orleans, who has already hosted […]

When it comes to sports, owners of sports teams are usually the ones hoping the players don’t embarrass them. In the case of NFL team…

SOURCE: USA TODAY Colts fans may not know Peyton Manning’s future with the team until Friday, not Thursday, as widely reported. NFL.com reports if the Colts choose not to give Manning the $28 million roster bonus he’s due in his current contract, they don’t have to cut him until Friday, and negotiations on a new […]

And he’s wearing COLTS gear! Uh oh! Your move, Irsay.

Although he missed the entire last season Peyton Manning is still one of the hottest commodities in Football. Analyst, owners and players have been talking but no one has the definite answer! So let us know what do you think Peyton’s fate will be? Will he stay or go? Will Manning Stay or Go? If […]

Irsay made the comment at the Donor Kickoff to the Super Bowl meeting at the Chase Tower. The event was for executives whose companies donated to help bring the Super Bowl to Lucas Oil Stadium on Feb. 5, 2012. Manning has been sidelined this season after undergoing surgery to his neck on Sept. 8, his […]