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The hotel guard who was forced to let armed robbers into Kim Kardashian's private room earlier this month is speaking out.

Kim K. is already shedding major pounds after giving birth to her second child with Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian is pregnant with baby number two! Though we’re super excited, maybe even more excited than Kanye, we’re not looking forward to people hating…

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Valerie Macon Kanye West attended Roc Nation’s annual pre-Grammy brunch, with his wife Kim Kardashian West, on Saturday wearing his new Yeezy 3 Sneakers. Needless to say the shoes are definitely different… Tons of other celebrities showed up including Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj.  Click here to see Mr. West’s […]

Kim Kardashian is over the whole long locks thing, and she’s ready for a new look. It’s been hours since Kim posted something on Instagram,…

Kanye West rang in 2015 with a new song featuring Paul McCartney. Called “Only One,” the track is sung by West from the vantage point of his late mother, Donda West, with McCartney adding accompaniment on keyboard. This is a tear jerker.

According to Recently, a number of gossip sites have rumored that Hollyweird actor Tyrese had been kicked out of a nightclub in Dubai because he was trying to holla at Kim Kardashian while she was visting for a Formula One Race. So are the rumors true?? – See more at:    

So Paper’s goal was to “break the internet,” and honestly, I believe they did just that! But at what cost though? You’ll be surprised to learn that Kim K was actually paid zilch, nada, zero for getting nakey on the cover of Paper. Then again, maybe you aren’t surprised. Afterall, this isn’t the first time […]