Lauren London


With many reactions of Kobe Bryant’s death and even Nipsey Hussle, could you be there for your significant other during such a tragic time. Even if you’re not the one that they loss? Here’s a few reactions from today’s #QTNA

After a strange series of events and rumors involving Diddy, Lauren London took to social media to inform people that she is still Nip’s woman. This all started after Diddy posted–and later deleted–black and white images of him and Lauren London with the caption “#lostfiles…Lauren London.” However, these photos were not recent, they in fact […]

Losing somebody close is never easy! Especially on birthdays and holidays And for our favorite its the first to many Lauren took to Instagram a picture of her, Nipsey, and their son Kross with the caption, ” One of the reasons I fell in love with you. Your fatherhood. Today we celebrate you. Love you […]

Nipsey Hussle will be honored at this year’s BET Awards. Hussle will receive the Humanitarian Award for his acts in the community and his activism A tribute to Hussle from YG, John Legend, and DJ Khaled. BET Awards will air on June 23rd. Source: @theprincessofradio

After body shamers attacked the new mommy, London had some empowering words for any woman who has struggled with her body image.

Lauren London kept the status of her latest pregnancy low-key for the most part.

Here's a list of the celeb babies we've rarely seen, if ever at all.

ATL movie fans, it looks like your dreams of a sequel are finally coming true. Both unconfirmed speculation from hopeful fans and whispers from the film’s…