UP is your only option! Check out Judah Band’s inspiring video from their NEW single “Up From Here”.


I don’t need much of any reason to watch Beyonce, but to watch it as a family during social distancing?? Is just what we all might need. It’s time to show up to your living room in your best BEYchella outfits. All my marching band heads, get your best dance routines together, and be ready […]


Social media, technology, and our phones are a few things keeping everyone connected. Amidst being quarantined, John Legend is bringing entertainment to you! I’m talking about concerts via Instagram. “…He opened the show while seated at the piano, performing hits like “Stay With You,” “Everybody Knows,” and his latest single “Conversations in the Dark” as […]


There has been a delay in the release of the Bronx native’s next single. Due to the international pandemic Covid19 Cardi B is no stranger to voicing her opinion. Did you think she was going to stay quiet about the current times we’re living in now?

We all know Dababy does not play when it comes to his personal space. And that Dababy has a short temper and can be quick to react. Well in a video it appears a fan was being a normal fan and had her camera out recording him walking through the crowd. The woman has a […]

Kanye West takes his “Sunday Service” to many places, but he has some people in tears after taking it to Harris County Prison. Ye is seen hugging and shaking hands of the inmates while the entire prison is in full worship mode. The faces of the inmates are priceless and it isn’t a secret that […]

Kanye West Sunday Service touched down in Baton Rouge for a church event that was organized by company called A Nation Events. The titled the event Bruchella and charged $55 dollars a plate that took to social media quickly with disappointment. Many called it a reminder of the Frye Festival in comparison. Plates seem real […]


And I’m here to let you know, by unpopular belief, these artists are NOT one hit wonders. Now, you may have thought that for a longgggg time, but here’s some proof for you. J Kwon is known for “errrrybody in the club getting tipsy” but who doesn’t remember still doing the chicken head (thats a […]

This is not a drill. New music from Rihanna might be on the way. On Saturday (Aug. 17), Rihanna allegedly registered a new song with music publisher, BMI. The song is entitled “Private Loving” and was written by Rihanna and dancehall artist, Demarco. Although Rihanna has yet to confirm the track, Demarco reacted to the post on […]

The day every Lil Nas X fan has been waiting for has offically been released! Lil Nas X will drop his EP THIS FRIDAY JUNE 21ST The EP is called “7.” The EP will contain 7 songs-hence the name. Source: @theprincessofradio

Offset took to his Instagram page to commemorate the 6th anniversary of Migos’ debut mixtape, Y.R.N but always wanted everyone to know where the drip originally came from Offset wants fans to go listen to their new fave rapper and say that they don’t hear a bit of the Migos in there! Source: @theprincessofradio

  First of all, they’re both fine… and second of all they’re fine! haha But seriously, Drake and Chris Brown are a major force when making music by themselves, but a collaboration from the two?  That would be amazing and have our summers lit. It looks like Chris Brown is hinting that something is cooking […]