Looks like Rapper Nelly is trying to bring back a old trend! Nelly is thinking about bringing back the famous clothing line Apple Bottoms. Here’s what he put on his Instagram: Defintily bringing back  the 2003 vibes! Source:

We are taking a look at all of the father’s out there who need someone to “put a ring on it.”

After news broke that Nelly owed the government $2.4 million in taxes, fans took to social media to come up with ideas to save the St. Louis rapper from destitution. Of course, in no time at all, Twitter created the hashtag #HotInHerreStreamingParty in an effort to help the Grammy winner keep his assets, by listening to “Hot in […]

Uh oh. According to TMZ, Nelly owes the IRS over $2 million in unpaid taxes. “He’s also got state tax trouble — earlier this year, the Missouri Department of Revenue said the St. Louis rapper owed $149,511 in unpaid state taxes from 2013,” TMZ reports. “He originally owed a mere $113,533 … but interest is a bitch.” […]

The couple tied the knot on Saturday with family and friends in California.

While he was in The Hamptons over the weekend, Nelly pulled Taylor Swift on stage for an impromptu jam to his song “Dilemma.” He let the singer sing Kelly Rowland’s part and you can see a clip of the performance below.

Last summer we saw the back and forth Instagram argument that took place between LooseCannon S.L.I.M. and Nelly over Ashanti. We guess it stemmed from Slim making Ashanti his Women Crush Wednesday and Nelly thinking it was to get under his skin. Well, Slim took it to another level by bringing his #WCW to State […]

Nelly has been prepping the release of his newest music video for “The Fix” with Jeremih, and we’re getting a look at what’s to come…

Although we haven’t heard much music from Nelly lately, you see him on his reality show “Nellyville.” He talks to EZ Street about showing his family life…

Nelly has been proudly representing his hometown of St. Louis since he became famous, and he has been a calm presence and voice of reason…

One year after the death of Michael Brown, St. Louis native Nelly has the remedy to heal the Black community.