Whether you love or hate them, you cant deny that these Odd Future kids have talent. Check out this new and pretty funny video from Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler The Creator titled WHOA! It’s the G-O-L-F DUB -A-N-G WOLF GANG….GOLF WANG… Odd Future’s New Show Fans Throw Glass Bottles On Stage At Odd Future Odd […]

Tyler is a fool fam! Straight up. Click on this video and they go to about 3:12 because you dont want to miss this. Keep watching though! Now see…thats that type of persistence you need to make it in the music game…lol!

Since the VMA’s it seems as though the most hated artist in the entire music industry has been Tyler The Creator…and why? Because he won an award for his music video Yonkers. All you heard was “Who the “CUSS” is Tyler? I don’t think he is a better rapper than Big Sean!” Here is the […]

Tyler, The Creator of Odd Future debuted “Analog,” a new track from his forthcoming album, Goblin at the BBC studios in the UK.

Those wacky Odd Future kids are in the middle of a major bidding war among several record labels, and they are using it to their advantages.  The California collective have been making some rather odd (no pun intended) demands for those who wish to meet with them.