one night stand

Patrina and Zach met at a hotel and had a classic one night stand after one too many drinks. Zach, a white man, has a wife and two kids at home who have no idea that this is what he’s dealing with. Patrina says there’s no way that her baby, Javier, isn’t Zach’s. Meanwhile, Zach […]

Lili’s night with Budda and Devarion spun a little bit out of control when she ended sleeping with two different guys on one night, going without protection for both! Now, they’re looking to find out the parentage of her 5-week-old son, Jesse Barack. Budda insists that there was a third partner, Chauncey, for Lili that […]

Eww. Dykeisha claims she had a “one night stand” with Alfredas. Listen to the audio player to hear her reveal intimate details! Again, eww. Keep…

Keri Hilson & Chris Brown got together for “One Night Stand,” the sexy new single from Keri’s album No Boys Allowed. The pair just released the steamy video for the single.