Bobby Shmurda will remain in prison. “Like the rest of the world, Bobby Shmurda has little to no reason to celebrate 2020 — because he’s not getting out of prison just yet … despite high hopes he would be paroled. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Bobby was denied parole after his interview with the […]

Kanye West takes his “Sunday Service” to many places, but he has some people in tears after taking it to Harris County Prison. Ye is seen hugging and shaking hands of the inmates while the entire prison is in full worship mode. The faces of the inmates are priceless and it isn’t a secret that […]

Gucci Mane chats with the morning show cast about his new album, “East Atlanta Santa.” He talks about making amends with people in his new mindset, and whether or not he would perform at Donald Trump‘s inauguration. Gucci also talks about his first time producing a film, which will come out next year. Sign Up […]

Bobby and his mom insist he was lied to and not provided his full rights.

A video reveals what led to Michael Sabbie's death in jail. Sabbie told corrections staff at least 19 times that he couldn't breathe.

But that's the least of his legal drama.

Bobby Shmurda is a few steps closer to being a free man...unfortunately he has to serve a little bit more time behind bars.

Stevie J shared a cryptic Instagram message late Thursday night hinting that he may be about to serve some time. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star and former hitmaker for Bad Boy wrote, “Shout out to my real ones locked up… Bout to do this time starting next week. Sum thing (sic) light for […]

Darren Sharper was sentenced on Thursday after being arrested in 2014 in connection with the sexual assault of multiple women.

This is a sad day for Kodak. Earlier this week, it was reported that 19-year-old Kodak Black would be released from jail after spending 91 days in the slammer. The Florida native was sent back to jail in May after he violated his terms of bond from an October 2015 case in which he was charged […]