In a recent sit down with DJ Vlad, “Love & Hip Hop” star Tahiry spoke about what happened that caused her to punch rapper/producer Consequence…

The last video wasn’t very clear but this one…WHOA.

After Ray J’s reckless interview about his fight with Fabolous, one might think that Ray did damage to Fab’s face. Ray J even said, “Tell that ____ to send a picture of his face,” implying he landed some punches. Here are the photos of Fabolous in concert after the fight. Does it look like he […]

A Florida man claims he was attacked by Drake's security team while attending the rapper's concert in Jacksonville last week

Have you ever seen a hype man from G-Unit punch somebody in the face to "Ayo Technology" by 50 Cent? Well you will if you click here!

In latest WTF? News, we got footage of a Cop getting his Mayweather on. Look Inside for Video