With many reactions of Kobe Bryant’s death and even Nipsey Hussle, could you be there for your significant other during such a tragic time. Even if you’re not the one that they loss? Here’s a few reactions from today’s #QTNA

Someone posted a photo of Rihanna and her billionaire boyfriend with the caption, does Rihanna get slandered for not dating a black person or does that only happen to black dudes? Someone commented, well she didn’t drag black men in the process. T.I hopped in the comments and responded to that that person, how do you know? T.I […]

A new study has found that people are having less sex on average today than they were in the 90s.

Scottie Pippen and his wife Larsa were reportedly having problems and were headed toward divorce

Dr. Tartt came through to the morning show to answer relationship questions.

When it comes to couple in hip-hop, Tiny & T.I. were a pair the many of us thought were ride or die.

Follow Me: @MissPoohOnAir #MissBehavinWithMissPooh Wow totally didn’t see this coming in the beginning of what’s now being called #Savage17. Over the past few days all hell broke loose on social media between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown for the world to see. It all started when Soulja Boy was seen commenting and liking  Karrueches pictures […]

Cynthia Bailey opens up to the morning show crew about her pending divorce with her husband, Peter Thomas, which she says is “days away.” She explains why she’s sure the end of her marriage is the right step, and why she doesn’t think the Real Housewives of Atlanta is responsible for its demise. Sign Up […]

Years before mainstream media seemingly saw Teyana Taylor’s talents and killer abs for the first time at this year’s VMAs, she was cherished by hip-hop culture for her music, songwriting, dance skills and fashion on the red carpet. When her baby boy was born early, she and fiance NBA star Iman Shumpert made headlines after […]

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are still going strong, and the next logical step for the rap couple would be to live together—so they got a Beverly Hills mansion together. According to reports, Nicki and Meek are dropping $30k a month to rent an 11,500 sq. ft home, which includes 9 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and a driveway with […]

In this new preview for “Rickey Smiley For Real,” Rock-T tries to convince Juicy to let him set her up with the perfect man, but she’s really hesitant about the idea. Rock-T is up for the challenge, however, pointing out that they’ve worked together for almost ten years. Juicy lays down the law and explains exactly what […]

Comedian Corey Holcomb calls up to talk about the new relationship help book he’s writing for women entitled “How To Not Get Dropped Off.” He covers a few topics, including how to make it to breakfast with a man the morning after, and how to end up staying the night instead of getting dropped off hastily at the […]