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Source: j christopher / J Christopher

Wow totally didn’t see this coming in the beginning of what’s now being called #Savage17.

Over the past few days all hell broke loose on social media between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown for the world to see.

It all started when Soulja Boy was seen commenting and liking  Karrueches pictures on Instagram that then set Chris Brown off like an alarm. According to Soulja Boy, Brown reached out to confront him about low-key flirting with his ex (who we all see he’s not over) on Instagram.

Super “thuggish” viral videos were exchanged between the two that fired Karrueche up to speak out and Chris Brown did NOT go easy on her wit his response:







The worst feeling is being dragged by your ex!

Somewhere in Karrueches heart I’m sure she felt Breezy had strong feelings towards her. She can def throw away any slight thought of them getting back together. He made it clear he was just trolling on her social media to make her feel popping. Lawd!


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